Earth Day Yoga Sequence!

Earth Day is April 22nd. Let's celebrate Mother Earth this week. For this, we'll start with Shiva Rea and her 10 mudras for mother earth yoga sequence.  CLICK HERE to read the Yoga Journal article.

"When you start to waste/pollute less, spend more time in natural light, and shift toward locally grown foods with an emphasis on an organic, primarily vegetarian diet, you are making such a positive shift for the Earth by your simple lifestyle actions," Rea says. "I think yoga naturally starts to connect us to all the elements in our body. There is a direct connection to our body, our home, how we care for our resources. It's about shifting our awareness through our actual experience of nature in our body, an elemental understanding of how an embodied practice like an asana/body mudra can help us wake up and take positive action."

Each of the following body mudras has inner qualities, or "bhava," to help you connect to the Earth. Practice one per day for 10 days or perform the entire sequence as a flow honoring the elements.