It's pretty much been decided that hot yoga is good for you. Just take a class and feel yourself throughout the day, and you'll recognize this to be true.

However, what's the deal with hot yoga in the summer, when outside temperatures match those inside the yoga room? What are the benefits here? 

We researched the internet for reasons why we know it's so good for you and came up with this list of a few of our favorite reasons. 

1.   Acclimatize Your Body: A hot yoga practice will help your body get used to the hot and humid summer weather…and you don’t have to wear sunscreen in the hot room!

2.   Limber Up: A hot yoga practice will help improve your flexibility and mobility for the sports you love (running, tennis, soccer…). Improve your game and endurance while decreasing your chance of injury!

3.   Buff Up: A hot yoga practice will help you burn calories, and strengthen and tone your muscles so you can feel great and confident in your skin in the hot room…and at the pool!

4.   Detoxify: A hot yoga practice will help your body flush toxins through sweat…that’s right, take a break from the patio and the poolside drinking and eating, and come get your sweat on!

5.   Drink More: Water, of course…you did read the point above, right? A hot yoga practice will encourage you to drink more water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Drinking more water will help you lose weight, get healthier looking skin, regulate your body temperature and much more!

6.   Breathe: A hot yoga practice teaches you to take deeper and longer breaths and to breathe properly in the hot room…and off your mat when you are faced with stressful situations!

7.   Treat Yourself: Dedicate some of your summertime to YOU! Spend some quality time with yourself, focusing on your health needs and on YOU!

8.   Chill Out: Summertime sometimes means being on the go constantly. A hot yoga practice in a studio environment is naturally calming and rejuvenating. It helps calm and balance the nervous system. The summer, you deserve to RELAX!

9.   Keep up your regular practice: The benefits of a hot yoga practice are the same throughout the year, whatever the weather is outside. So make sure you don’t loose your range of motion and keep that amazing blissful feeling every day!

10.  Be Inspired: The Korsi Community is full of vibrant, creative and passionate people. Put yourself in a room with that kind of greatness on a regular basis and see what happens. You’ll likely change the world!

Remember, we offer childcare during the Monday - Friday morning classes to make it even easier for you to take class. 

See you on your mat!