Kids Yoga Classes Ages 5 - 11

Kids Yoga Classes Ages 5 - 11


Kids Yoga: Ages 5 - 11
Saturday: 8:30 am - 9:30 am
Saturdays: June 10 - July 29

This playful class encourages self-expression, as well as, building social skills. Children will strengthen their bodies as they learn how to focus through breathing and relaxation techniques. Kids sing, draw and play yoga in this energy releasing class. Class is 1 hour and then students may wait with the instructor for parents who are taking class at the same time. 

Instructor: Janelle
This kids classes is offered in a progressive 8 week series. 
*First Session Begins on June 10th and Ends on July 29th. 

We have found that the kids thrive in yoga with consistency of their practice and getting to know the same group of kids over an extended period of time. Each of these sessions meets once a week for an hour. The younger ages will have "creative time" at the end of their yoga sessions. Yoga mats and materials are provided. Maximum of 20 students per class.

Parents are encouraged to take class in our heated "Lift" room while your kids are in class in our "Falling Away" room. 

*Registration is required. 

Series Pricing
Cost for each 8 week series: $112
Sibling rate: $102
Drop-In Rate: $15

Architecture of Energetic Symmetry: Alignments and Assists

Architecture of Energetic Symmetry: Alignments and Assists

Korsi Yoga (map)

Acquire the tools to inspire students to evolve their physical practice which dramatically amplifies the energetic result. Gain the confidence to assist students manually and verbally through foundational āsanas and their advanced modifications. Optimize the structural integrity off each āsana pose through the use of efficient alignments cues. Create the conditions to maximize practice through effective assists which support all levels of ability.

This is a two day workshop Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm. 

Day 1-Legs and Backbends

Day 2-Arms and Inversions

Attendance of this workshop provides 10 CEUs for the Yoga alliance, a manual of all āsanas taught and practiced, and hands on experience of how to work with students of all levels of ability.

$149 per person. Space is limited. 

Yoga, Rock Climbing and Canyon Retreat

Yoga, Rock Climbing and Canyon Retreat

Join Korsi Yoga and Alpine Leadership, LLC on an active weekend of yoga, rock climbing, and hiking to waterfalls and canyons in Sand Rock, Alabama.

Sand Rock in Cherokee Rock Village is a climbing destination that has great quality routes and a wide range of opportunities for all skill levels of climber. You do not need any prior experience in rock climbing, there will be climbs for every level, and guided instruction for all. 

Little River Canyon National Preserve - Sometimes called the "Grand Canyon of the East," the spectacular canyon was carved over thousands of years by Little River. One of the longest rivers in America that flows almost entirely on the top of a mountain, Little River begins at 1,900 feet above sea level and drops over 1,200 feet before it finally merges with the waters of Weiss Lake. The falls are over 45 feet long and are accessed by hiking the trails. There is a swimming hole nearby, so bring your bathing suits!

Ahoo from Korsi Yoga will teach yoga sessions daily (a stronger practice in the morning and a more relaxing session in the evening) and will also assist in the climbing instruction and activity. 

Scott Perkins from Alpine Leadership, LLC will guide you on the rocks. Scott has been climbing since 1989 and guiding since 1998. He regularly is voted a top guide, and has led many successful groups to climb and summit mountains all over the world.

Saturday all day: Rock climbing until dusk
Saturday evening: Wind down yoga
Sunday morning: Sunrise yoga
Sunday all day: Little River Canyon and Falls

Price: $165 per person; Includes all meals, one night camping, yoga, rock climbing instruction, use of climbing gear, hiking to waterfalls and canyons.


Limited to 20 participants. 50% secures your spot. No refunds, sorry. 

Food: Will be mostly vegetarian. 

Accommodation: We will camp in tents on Saturday night. Please bring your camping gear. This is car camping, with campsites right along the cliffs and nestled into the giant rock formations. Which means you can drive up to the camping spot and unload your car, so you can bring more gear if needed.

The Art of Yogic Flight! Arm Balancing and Inversions

The Art of Yogic Flight! Arm Balancing and Inversions

Strengthen your physical practice while cultivating beauty and grace. This specially designed workshop, by Jessie Fletcher, will provide the tools to instill the confidence to lift off and take flight. Gain the technical ability to access various inversions, arm balance poses and their transitions in a highly encouraging, low stress environment. The perfect practice for any beginner to the most advance asana practitioner.

  • Exploration into Koundinya, Galavasana and multiple variations of crow along with some spicy transitions.
  • Dive deep into forearm stand and head stand with several different hand positions.
  • Handstand practicum geared to get you off your feet and into the air.

$45 per person

Korsi Yoga 200 Hour Fall Yoga Teacher Training

Korsi Yoga 200 Hour Fall Yoga Teacher Training

Korsi Yoga (map)

We are now accepting applications for our fall yoga teacher training. Many of you are asking for these dates, so we've included them here. 

  • The training is designed for serious students interested in becoming teachers; current teachers wishing to refine their craft; or students wanting to expand their practice and understanding of all aspects of the practice of yoga. This training is Yoga Alliance registered and will immensely deepen your understanding and practice of yoga, empower you to live to your highest potential and lead you to share this profound practice with others. 

Dates and Times
This training consists of two full weekend retreats, the first and last weekend of the training. There are 8 total weekends, over a 5 month period. We will meet every three weeks. 
The dates are below: 

Saturday 9a-5p - 8 hours
Sunday 9a-5p - 8 hours

9/1 - 9/4 - Retreat
Friday: 4 - 9
Saturday: 7 - 7
Sunday: 7 - 5
Monday: 7 - 2

9/23 - 9/24
10/14 - 10/15
11/4 - 11/5
11/25 - 11/26
12/16 - 12/17
1/6 - 1/7

1/26 - 1/29 - Retreat
Friday: 4 - 9
Saturday: 7 - 7
Sunday: 7 - 5
Monday: 7 - 2



$3200 Paid in full

$3600 Payment Plan

$500 non-refundable deposit after application and interview has been completed

*a full unlimited membership to the studio is included throughout the duration of the training

For more information, please contact

Restore and Reiki Healing Session

Restore and Reiki Healing Session

Korsi Yoga (map)

You deserve some R&R. This two-hour Restore and Reiki healing session led by Fatameh and April will guide students through a practice that is a blend of restorative and yin yoga, using various props to support the body and promote deep relaxation. While in the poses, Fatameh will offer the gentle touch of Reiki. A healing technique based on the principle that touch can activate the natural healing processes of the body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

At the end of the practice students will be led through a guided meditation. This class is for all levels of experience. 

$40 per person. Spaces will be limited to promote individual attention to each student.

Thai Yoga Partner Workshop

Thai Yoga Partner Workshop



Bring a friend, partner, or significant other, and learn Thai yoga assisted stretching and bodywork techniques that promote peaceful connection, compassion, and the therapeutic benefits of yoga and massage. You will learn assisted yoga postures, stretches and techniques you can easily practice again, and again, with anyone at home.

With a backdrop of soft music and healing Thai aromas, the afternoon will begin with a short and simple flow to warm the body, then ease into the experience of partner Thai Yoga through observation, demonstration, and practice!

Each partner pair will need one mat and one pillow. Wear clothing you can move comfortably in. This workshop is appropriate for any level of knowledge or experience. Some yoga experience is helpful, but is not necessary. Please bring your friend/partner to this workshop.

Thai Yoga Bodywork is a blend of assisted stretching with therapeutic massage techniques. The treatment is given over comfortable clothing while the recipient relaxes on a floor mat. It shares an ancient lineage with yoga and Ayurveda, with influences from Chinese medicine and other traditional healing modalities.

Realign with your Heart and Soul Purpose in Costa Rica

Realign with your Heart and Soul Purpose in Costa Rica

Bodhi Tree Resort (map)

Take time away from your agendas and responsibilities to reconnect and realign with your self in beautiful Costa Rica. 

Join Ahoo and April for this women's only retreat which will provide a tranquil space where you can nourish and nurture yourself back into a state of harmony. Through yoga, nature, and connecting with each other we will be able to use our intuition and inner voice to listen to what fuels our heart and soul. And help us move towards manifesting the highest, happiest version of who we can be. 

The beautiful Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort in Nosara is the perfect setting for a week of paradise. We will enjoy two yoga classes a day, circle time each evening, morning meditation, nature hikes, surfing, SUP board through the mangroves and so much more!

Listen to Your Body: How to Hear What It’s Telling You

Listen to Your Body: How to Hear What It’s Telling You

Korsi Hot Yoga (map)

Restorative Yoga Class taught by Ahoo and Interoceptive Awareness Talk by writer, therapist and body awareness specialist Tori Rodriguez. 

In this one-of-a-kind experiential workshop, Tori will discuss the latest fascinating research on why body awareness is essential to health and happiness, and she’ll offer solid tips and activities to help participants enhance theirs. Ahoo Sarab of Korsi Yoga will lead a restorative yoga and meditation class to reinforce the theme. 

Tori Rodriguez is an integrative licensed psychotherapist, Ayurvedic health coach, journalist and creator of the first-ever body-positive fitness DVD, Bettie Page Fitness: Total Body Strength & Cardio (