Realign with your Heart and Soul Purpose in Costa Rica

Realign with your Heart and Soul Purpose in Costa Rica

Bodhi Tree Resort (map)

Take time away from your agendas and responsibilities to reconnect and realign with your self in beautiful Costa Rica. 

Join Ahoo and April for this women's only retreat which will provide a tranquil space where you can nourish and nurture yourself back into a state of harmony. Through yoga, nature, and connecting with each other we will be able to use our intuition and inner voice to listen to what fuels our heart and soul. And help us move towards manifesting the highest, happiest version of who we can be. 

The beautiful Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort in Nosara is the perfect setting for a week of paradise. We will enjoy two yoga classes a day, circle time each evening, morning meditation, nature hikes, surfing, SUP board through the mangroves and so much more!

Blood Mountain loop: hiking the Appalachian & Freeman Trail

Blood Mountain loop: hiking the Appalachian & Freeman Trail

Join Korsi Yoga on the AT. 

We will meet at the studio and carpool together to Blood Mountain. From there we will hike a six mile loop to Georgia's highest Appalachian Trail summit, climbing the AT and Byron Reece Trails to beautiful views at the Blood Mountain summit before looping back through a fern-filled forest on the Freeman Trail. 

This is a moderately strenuous 6 mile hike. You will need hiking boots and a day pack. We will summit the top, at an elevation of 4,459 feet. 

After our hike, there is a nice place for a soothing Deep Stretch Yin yoga practice by the water stream. 

$25 per person covers the hike and yoga class.


Yoga, Rock Climbing, and Vineyards at Yonah Mountain

Yoga, Rock Climbing, and Vineyards at Yonah Mountain

Join Korsi Yoga and Alpine Leadership, LLC on an active weekend of yoga, rock climbing, hiking and an optional visit to Yonah Mountain vineyards on Sunday in Helen, Georgia.

The trail starts at "Mt. Yonah Trailhead" and is 4.4 mile round-trip with elevation of 1,500' to 3,166'. The trail stays below moderate tree coverage until around the halfway point where you will come upon a clearing known as the first LZ (landing zone). The mountain is shared with hikers by Army Rangers in training. They will occasionally conduct training and utilize these LZ's. Along with being a drop down spot for helicopters it's also a great camping spot with a view.

Next you will arrive at the main campground still under the treeline, complete with bathrooms. To get to the main summit you will continue past the campground. The trail opens up onto the mountain's massive rock face, spanning the whole western side. You can stop here or continue to the second LZ. This LZ is much larger and a perfect camping spot. If you prefer to fall asleep with a view of the sunset, though, a couple trees on the western rock face will do the trick. The mountain is fairly unaffected by light pollution and is great for astrophotography and constellation watching.

If climbing, you will take the trail to "The Lowers" from the main campsite or the lower LZ. There are lots of routes on The Lowers, but if you want to climb with a view you can repel or climb the main face.

Ahoo from Korsi Yoga will teach yoga sessions daily (a stronger practice in the morning and a more relaxing session in the evening) and will also assist in the climbing instruction and activity. 

Scott Perkins from Alpine Leadership, LLC will guide you on the rocks. Scott has been climbing since 1989 and guiding since 1998. He regularly is voted a top guide, and has led many successful groups to climb and summit mountains all over the world.

Price: $185 per person; Includes all meals, two nights camping, yoga, rock climbing instruction, use of climbing gear, hiking. Optional wine vineyard visit not included in the price. 

Limited to 20 participants. 50% secures your spot. No refunds, sorry. 

Accommodation: We will camp in tents on Friday and Saturday night. Please bring your camping gear. We will hike in with our gear, so be conservative. On Sunday, after breakfast and breakdown we can stop at the Yonah Mountain vineyard for samples and lunch.

Drumming and Yoga - Rhythm and Body

Drumming and Yoga - Rhythm and Body

Korsi Yoga and Danny Stern are merging the transformational fires of yoga with the vibrational resonance of drumming and percussion, connecting body, mind and spirit, healing the inner most parts of our beings.

We will start the practice with a 45 minute all levels heated flow, enhanced by the rhythm of live drums, to prime the body for the meditative art of drumming. 

This will be followed by a lesson in song and drumming by Danny. We will learn a basic beat for us all to follow. Then we start the drumming session. 

Drumming and yoga form a natural partnership. The vibrating resonance of the drum seems to pull the practioner deeper into the practice. The drummer moves energy into space while the yogini moves energy though the body. 

All levels in yoga and drumming are welcomed and encouraged! If you have your own drum, bring it along! And, we will have extra drums for everyone. 

$15 for the drumming session only. $20 for both events.

You Down Dog? Charity Event

You Down Dog? Charity Event

Korsi Yoga is working with Frankie and Andy's Place, a rehabilitation and rescue center for senior dogs in Winder, GA, to raise funds for the doggos. Join us, meet the pups and do some Doga (dog yoga). 100% of proceeds goes to Frankie and Andy's Place. Suggested donation of $20 and up. 

To learn more about their service, find them here:

Cleanse Your Space with the Sacred Art of Smudging

Cleanse Your Space with the Sacred Art of Smudging

Korsi Yoga (map)

Smudging is the sacred act of burning special herbs to create a cleansing smoke bath that is used to purify people, ceremonial tools/objects, your home, or healing space. In this hands-on workshop you will learn about the process of smudging, as well as, create a custom smudge blend and personal smudging feather.

There is no better way to energize the ritual of smudging and direct smudge for clearing self and sacred space than through the creation of your own smudging fan. 

You are welcome to bring feathers and beads of your own. However, all feathers and materials to complete your smudging fan will be available at the workshop. It is a beautiful creative experience. 

Learn how to: 
~ Spiritually cleanse your home and office from unwanted energies
~ Spiritually cleanse yourself and others
~ Use smudging to create sacred space for healing work
~ Use herbs to cleanse crystals and sacred items
~ Release old stagnant emotions and psychic clutter
~ Work with varieties of sages, sweet grass, palo santo, resins, and other sacred herbs.

$30 per person, includes materials for creating your own fan and blend.

Meet the Author: Strong is the New Pretty!

Meet the Author: Strong is the New Pretty!

Please join us for an empowering and inspiring
Tween yoga class for girls ages 9-14
@ Korsi Hot yoga Saturday, December 16th 2:30-4:30pm.

Come and meet the local author of the best-selling inspiring book "Strong is the New Pretty, A Celebration of Girls Being Themselves", Kate T. Parker. Have your book signed and listen to a short discussion. 

$30 for yoga class and workshop (price includes a signed copy of this amazing book).

The girls will learn to use their breathe to calm their mind. We will work on balancing poses using their breath, mind and inner strength. 

There will be fun partner poses to help the girls find trust and strength in not only themselves but to lift each other up.

And there will be lots of laughs. 

We will talk about some of the key messages from the book and incorporate them into the poses and throughout class.

I Can Meditate! Beginner's Workshop

I Can Meditate! Beginner's Workshop

Korsi Yoga (map)

Meditation is the art of looking inside and discovering one’s own inner being. Meditation leads us not only to totally new inner experiences, but helps us also to transform our day-to-day life into a better, more meaningful and more fulfilling existence.

Join Ahoo in this workshop, where we will begin our discussion on what meditation is and common misconceptions of what meditation is not. We will explore different styles of meditation and their applicability. We will then move into a slow moving, stretching practice, sustaining postures, as we move deeper from the outer experience into an inner experience. This primes the mind and body for a 20 minute silent meditation sit, followed with a final integration and discussion. 

This workshop is based on a School of Kripalu method of yoga and meditation, learning to Ride the Waves of Sensation, as we lean into Focusing, Flowing and Letting Go. 

Ahoo has trained extensively in transformational meditation and mindfulness based stress reduction with senior instructors at the Kripalu School of Yoga and Ayurveda. Her focus is in the transformational abilities meditation brings to the art of yoga, it's ability to reduce stress and dissolve negative patterns and habits for a liberated state of being.

This workshop will fill. Sign up HERE

$25 per person.

Save the Date! Rejuvenate with Pachamama In Peru’s Sacred Valley

Save the Date! Rejuvenate with Pachamama In Peru’s Sacred Valley

Save the Date!

Korsi Yoga is heading south this spring. Join us as we take an excursion to the Sacred Valley of Peru. Our trip includes a journey to explore one of the Seven Wonder's of the World, Machu Picchu. Daily yoga and meditation, healthy Andean dining and more. 

We are still in the planning phase. If interested, let us know and we will try and accomodate. 

More details coming soon!