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Fusion of the Elements – The Science of Energetic Practice Series

  • Korsi Yoga 555 South Atlanta Street Roswell, GA, 30075 United States (map)

Fusion of the Elements Energetic Series represents the advancement of more than a decade worth of study, learning, and teaching to produce the Multidimensional Integrative Sequencing Technique (MIST) for Yoga practice. Through the use of cutting edge principles of kinesiology and physiology integrated with the ancient Vedic understanding of profound inner-personal growth comes a scientific approach to physical and mental development, conscious and spiritual evolution.


Fri: $40   Sat1: $30   Sat2: $40    Sun: $50

$140 for 4 total weekend sessions ($20 savings)

Sessions and Topics

Friday Evening: 7:00 - 9:00

Session 1 - The Flow of Empowerment! - 2hr Master Class

Take charge of your own empowerment. Disentangle your practice from rote memorization of standard preset sequencing. Introduction to Multidimensional Integrative Sequencing Technique (MIST) including arm balancing combined with counterbalancing arm stretches, and handstand prep work united with turning on the mat. Stretch your comfort zone and expand your capabilities with something a little familiar but entirely new. Create the foundations for your strength with this seamless multi-directional empowering flow!

  • Experience optimal lead up in achieving arm balancing postures and handstand preparation.
  • Introduction to unique arm stretches specific to unlocking upper body energetic potential. 
  • Train to increase the thermal dynamics within the body without the use of external heat.

Saturday 12:00 - 2:00

Session 2 - Traversing the Transverse!  - 90min Master Class

Move away from the greatest comfort zone of practice…with starting from the front of the mat. Turn the mat crossways, find your center and broaden your horizons. Experience endless possibilities for personal transformation, growth, and development with the Multidimensional Integrative Sequencing Technique (MIST) for backbends, hip openers, balancing postures and plenty of opportunities to invert! Spin your world upside down and side to side with a lateral approach to this scientifically developed sequence designed to shift your perspective and unlock your latent potential.

  • Exploration into balanced practice using stretching/strengthening asanas for the legs, arms, and spine.
  • Find that additional space in the spine and go deeper in your back bend than ever before.
  • Feel the prana move from an inversion practice meant to free your mind!    

Session 3 - Tantric Sadhana: the Science of Energetic Activation 

Saturday Evening 6:00 - 9:00 - 2 hr practice/ 1 hr discussion

Tap into the latent energy that radiates within the body. Unleash and connect with the dormant kundalini potential as we discover this primordial essence that powers us all. Cultivate vitality by uniting breath with bandhas to direct its current and flow. Gain the keys to unlock limitless energetic possibilities through this unique tantric practice.

  • Understand bandhas and how to direct vayus throughout the body.
  • Integration of pranayama techniques to increase advanced energetic states.
  • Explore micro/macrocosmic orbits around and inside the body as we use asana to unlock kundalini energy.

Sunday 12:00 - 3:00

Session 4 - Fusion of the Elements: the Ceremonial Experience - Double Mat practice - 2.5 hr practice/ 30 min discussion

The ultimate practice in utilizing the elements to create harmony and balance within the physical, subtle, and causal bodies.  Celebrate the merits of empowerment as an offering to the benefit of all living beings. Unite body, breath, and mind with the 360 degree ceremonial experience.  Explore the depths of your physical, mental, and spiritual foundations.

  • Transcend limitations with dynamic vinyasa and static asana sequencing, including arm balancing and powerful transitions to create the foundation of a challenging physical practice.
  • Feel the profound subtle body effect with pranayama, mudras, mantras, and visualizations interwoven throughout.
  • Embrace the formless through the symmetry of the Ceremonial Experience