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Āyurveda: The Science of Life!

  • Korsi Yoga 555 South Atlanta Street Roswell, GA, 30075 United States (map)

Āyurveda is a time tested science which has helped provide exceptional health benefits for thousands of years. Acquire the tools to bring balance to daily living through lifestyle and diet. Dive into the important role of Dinacharya or having a daily routine. Understand the roles of the 3 doshas or constitution types and how diet and lifestyle impact each one. Topics also include Agni, or the digestive fire and its part in maintaining health through the balance of vital metabolic functions. 

Workshop includes: 

1 hour class broken down into various postures and pranayamas which are specifically beneficial to each dosha type. 

An explanation of the role of doshas and agnis in maintaining health.

A delightful sample of traditional Āyurvedic foods of kitchari, chapati, besan fudge, and chai.