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Drumming and Yoga - Rhythm and Body

Korsi Yoga and Danny Stern are merging the transformational fires of yoga with the vibrational resonance of drumming and percussion, connecting body, mind and spirit, healing the inner most parts of our beings.

We will start the practice with a 45 minute all levels heated flow, enhanced by the rhythm of live drums, to prime the body for the meditative art of drumming. 

This will be followed by a lesson in song and drumming by Danny. We will learn a basic beat for us all to follow. Then we start the drumming session. 

Drumming and yoga form a natural partnership. The vibrating resonance of the drum seems to pull the practioner deeper into the practice. The drummer moves energy into space while the yogini moves energy though the body. 

All levels in yoga and drumming are welcomed and encouraged! If you have your own drum, bring it along! And, we will have extra drums for everyone. 

$15 for the drumming session only. $20 for both events.