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Mindfulness/NeuroPositive Workshop

It's commonplace these days for our lives to be consumed with the stress and anxiety associated with endless responsibilities of work, family, exhaustively busy schedules, and tumultuous relationships. Many of us live in a frantic world, and the more we race around trying to keep our heads above water the heavier the weight becomes. It's so easy to become overwhelmed by the challenges in our daily lives, and often times we just shift into auto-pilot, flying through life completely unaware of how much we are missing while we are so busy "doing." But most importantly, we trudge through life mistakenly believing that this is the way it has to be, that this is all there is, and that somehow our lives, thoughts, emotions, and reactions are not fully within our control. 

This is simply not the case. So, let's change it. 

Join us, and learn how Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and NeuroPositive tools can transform you from simply surviving to thriving. 

In this workshop, you will learn, experience and take home the tools to:

" Reduce Stress, anxiety, depression, anger
" Increase energy
" Improve sleep
" Decrease emotional reactivity
" Build resilience, inner strength
" Cultivate positive emotion
" Break negative patterns
" Increase pleasure in daily life

Jeris Hollander is a Licensed NeuroPositive Life Coach and Mindfulness Teacher specializing in coaching clients through difficult life transitions and challenges, on both a personal and professional level. Drawing from her background in Psychology, as well as Behavioral and Applied Neuroscience, she helps clients break free of the negative emotions and thought patterns that hold us back from our true potential. Through growing the positive neuroplasticity of the brain and cultivating positive emotions, her clients are able reach an elevated state of happiness and well-being. She has developed a unique and effective methodology which integrates mindfulness training and the NeuroPositive Method, teaching clients the tools necessary to create a deep wellspring of inner strength, resilience, personal meaning and significance. She is committed to providing a powerful coaching experience in which her clients attain a deeper connection to their authentic selves, as well as to the people and world around them. Her "brain training" approach to coaching is highly effective and applicable to areas of personal and professional development, leadership, interpersonal connection/relationships, parenting, anxiety/stress, depression, crisis, grief and other life transitions.

The cost of this workshop is $45 per person.


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