Join Korsi yoga on their first yoga and sailing retreat in the british virgin islands with experienced sailors and yogis ahoo and john


no better way to explore the Caribbean than to set sail on a beautiful yacht for a week, with delicious meals and the best of company, gorgeous nature and wonderful food. Except maybe to do so while also practicing yoga every day! Space is filling up fast! Click here to reserve your cabin now and take advantage of Early Bird Pricing through February 1, 2016. 

You may be asking, yoga on a boat? How does that work? To start, we're not on a two person paddleboat or the little sunfish you learned to sail on at summer camp. Yogacruising uses gorgeous sailing yachts (link here) and although they still slowly rock to rhythm of the sea, there is plenty of deck space to do yoga and after the trip you'll be missing that sweet sway in Savasana (Corpse Pose). Here are five reasons we love the yoga & sailing combination: Being on the water lets you go with the flow: Going with the flow is synonymous with the yoga lifestyle. Being on a boat gives you no choice but to go with the flow. Going with the flow asks of us to let go of a certain amount of control, to listen to ourselves and listen to our surroundings. It evokes a sense of trusting in something larger than us. The sea is undoubtedly one of the greatest teachers of the flow. The sailors have no choice but to listen to the powerful sea, the winds, the current, the weather—are all the guides the best sea goers are the ones that listen deeply and let go fully to the great teacher that is nature. 

Waking up somewhere new: As we sail around the coast, we wake up each day in a new paradise. Because the day-to-day changes constantly, yet we are fully supported with yoga, food, friends and an overarching beauty of the world, we start to awaken an ability to feel at ease even while our environment changes. This ability to wake up somewhere new cultivates a powerful curiosity in the world. that sometimes goes dormant in our urban lives that are centered so much on our routines. We also find this cultivation of curiosity running through yoga and combining the two is a powerful medicine. Curiosity flourishes the more we are able to feel at home in new environments, and just like waking up somewhere new each day cultivates the feeling at home within, the aim of yoga is to constantly create less dependence of things that are out of our control and more home within. 

Simply Moving: The act of simply moving is cleansing to the stagnant soul. When we move, whether it be in a yoga class, on a bike, on a trail or on a boat, our bodies and minds are shaken up and the things that have been hardened inside of us are loosen up and shaken free. We are able to let go of some things and make space for others. We see differently, hear differently, feel differently. Yoga is often described as a moving meditation and the simple act of sitting on a boat as it sails down the coast with the warm breeze in the face and the rock of the waves that move up your spine is certainly a form of yoga and a sweet and simple meditation. - See more at:

Awakening the senses: Being on the water quite simply awakens our senses. The smell of the sea, the sound of the waves, the feel of the water and the wind, the taste of the salt. Diving into the senses has a way of unraveling and reworking our internal wires. Plunging into a sensory journey can trigger things inside of us that have been sleeping for way too long. It can awaken our inner adventure or a sense of deep relaxation. It can heal wounds and open up a world of possibilities. In yoga, among other things, we aim to awaken all of our senses through cleaning energy channels, aligning the body, creating circulation and flexibility in all areas, making the combination of yoga and sailing the ultimate sensory experience.

The food and meals: Food is simply another experience on a boat and Yogacruising takes it to another level with their Mediterranean wonder meals. Though the food itself is remarkable, what is even more special is the sharing of meals each day. Mealtime is perhaps the best way to bond and create community, something the yoga lifestyle is all about. What we put in our bodies, the people we share it with and the way in which we eat is a fundamental aspect of yoga and most certainly a core value of all our our retreats at