Is it possible to heal depression and anxiety with yoga?

We say 'yes', it is possible, with the process of being mindful. Mindfulness seems to be a buzz word lately and for good reason. As we each become busier in our lives, the process of making it through the day becomes less about being present and more about presenting your being. 

That auto-pilot mode we all slip into can be altered by periodically asking yourself two questions, "What is the quality of my mind right now?" and "How deep is my breath?"

By asking yourself these two, very simple questions, not only in yoga class, but throughout your day, particularly the part of your day that experiences the most stress, you can access the mind-body communications network within and learn to become more mindful. Mindful of where you are in that moment. Are you tensing your shoulders at certain times, are you zoning out during conversations, are you getting angry? What causes you to be at that place at that moment? This is how you affect change, how you let go of stresses and let go of anxiety. 

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