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We were voted Best Yoga Studio in Atlanta! Thank you to everyone who helped make this a reality. We are honored to be your local community studio.


Amy C.

Just wanted to say how awesome Janelle's class was tonight. It was uplifting spiritually, mentally and physically and fun at the same time. She is such a positive spirit when she guides and teaches her classes. The hour flew by and it was exactly what my body needed. She is a true inspiration to her students and somehow always manages to read something at the end of her class that is so meaningful and thought provoking. The favorite part of my Wednesday! The music she plays during the vinyasa flow is perfection!!! This is by far my favorite yoga class!


Marinelly P.

I just wanted to drop a line to say thank you for opening such a welcoming yoga studio. I stopped by a couple of weeks ago because my body and mind were in such a deep need for yoga that I couldn't go without it for another day; you are very much nearby, so convenience was the initial reason I came to you. I started my yoga practice almost 8 years ago while living in Madrid and moved to Roswell nearly 3 years ago, and I had not found a place where to practice regularly, for two reasons: I hadn't found the perfect yoga studio for me in terms of location, schedule and style, and I hadn't found the way to integrate my love for yoga and my peace of mind as a mother. In your studio I seem to have found the perfect conditions: the calm, revitalizing, professional and no BS environment that I need to continue my regular practice, the convenience of a nearby location, and a caring and safe place where I can leave my son to play while I am engaged in my practice. Today I went back in again and purchased the special offer you have for new clients, hoping that within the next month I will be able to try out some other classes besides the one taught by April Berta, which I have attended and have absolutely loved both times I've been in. Thank you again for the environment you've created and I encourage you to continue offering that wonderful childcare service as much as you can. For me, I assure you it has been a life-changer and life-saver. Thanks again and... Namaste.


Lacey R.

I've been going to Korsi Hot Yoga since March of last year. I have taken pretty much every class from every teacher at least once. I absolutely love it there. I feel that I have found a second home. I know most of the teachers by first name and they know know me. It has a peaceful environment without any judgement and the teachers are all incredibly passionate about what they do. Like any place or certain experiences in your life things cannot be perfect every time. There have been amazing classes and of course a couple of classes that were just okay. Overall I love going there and always leave with a smile on my face because of the loving environment. Each teacher and class has a different style and it is about finding which teacher and style that clicks with you the most. At Korsi I found that one of my favorite teachers is April who is the most loving and wonderfully outspoken person I have met. I also enjoy Fatameh, Irene, Laura and Kimmy's classes as well. As far as the studio goes, it is very clean and they always have towels and at the end of hot classes they give you a cold lavender towel. If you're looking for something more than just getting fit with yoga and are looking for a more spiritual practice and a place to relax and grow as a yogi, Korsi is the perfect place.


Katie B.

My name is Katie Butler. I live in Dunwoody and have an 18 year old daughter and a 14 year old son. I work as a nurse practitioner for a psychiatrist in Cumming. I was raised in Sandy Springs. I discovered my passion for running in high school at Marist. I ran cross country and track in high school and for Southern Methodist University. I continued to run almost daily in my 20's and started to experience chronic hamstring pain and tightness. I started working out at a gym doing spinning and an occasional yoga class. In my 30's, I began competing in triathlons and did several sprint and olympic distance. The training was time consuming and my hamstring issues continued to plague me. I also started to experience low back pain while running. I have always been of the mindset that yoga wasn't cardio enough to keep me in shape. I was wrong! This past May I discovered Korsi through a Groupon and have attended yoga classes regularly since. I often enter the studio stressed from Atlanta traffic but leave calm and relaxed. My low back pain has almost disappeared and my hamstrings are improving. Yoga has helped not only my physical body, but my mind as well. I feel more present in my daily life and less distracted by worries, job, etc. Yoga has been a life changer for me. It is a way of life. And I think it helps me lead a better life, the life I was intended to live. I look forward to my yoga practice in the evening after work and I leave feeling refreshed and energized. 

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” — The Bhagavad Gita


Robyn S.

I have been taking classes at Korsi for a month now. I have enjoyed the variety of hot yoga classes they offer. I have taken classes from Ahoo (also the owner and such a nice woman), Corey, Jason, Fatemeh, Irene, Kimmy and John. All the teachers bring their personality to their classes and I think they compliment each other very well. The studio itself is brand new, clean and well maintained. The location is very unique architecturally in historic Roswell and there are big windows in the hot room that make for a nice view. Classes are appropriate for new yogis as well as seasoned practitioners.


Tori R.

This is a top-notch, brand new yoga studio in historic Roswell. The owner, Ahoo, is awesome; she cares deeply about health and community, and she put a ton of attention into every detail of this gorgeous place. She hand-selected the very best yoga teachers in the area to provide a variety of hot yoga and traditional yoga options. I took an Ambient Flow class taught by April and will definitely be back for more of the same and to try their other class offerings.


lisa t.

Beautiful studio in Historic Roswell. I'm a yoga newbie and felt very comfortable there. I took the beginner class in the normal temperature room, but look forward to trying a hip opener class in the warm studio. Very personable, relaxed atmosphere at Korsi Yoga.


aaron s.

Best yoga studio in North Georgia. They have a very clean, new, and comfortable space. The owner and staff are extremely friendly and hospitable. But most importantly the instructors are very talented. I've taken classes with 3 different instructors and they were all very high level. Each class has a strong intention, improves movement through detailed practice and specific cues, and allows for improvement in mindfulness. I feel better mentally and physically after each class. You'll get a great workout, but it's not one of those studios that treats yoga like a HIT or boot camp class. You'll feel like you worked, but in the right places.  It also provides mindfulness and opportunities to bring your spiritual practice into the class if you want. But it doesn't force it on you and let's people choose how they want to practice. I feel like I'm stealing from them with their 30 day new student deal!


mary m.

Great new studio! Very relaxing and welcoming for all levels! The studio is immaculate and the instructors are accommodating and helpful. But what I have to brag about the most, is the cold towel that is placed on your forehead at the end of class. It is the small touches that make this place 5 stars!

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